Dance Among the Stars on Our LED Dancefloor from Hartlepool, Cleveland

Our LED Dancefloor is sure to be the main attraction of your wedding – besides you and your partner of course. Situated in Hartlepool, Cleveland, we specialise in providing white, starlit dancefloors as well as photobooths and illuminated backdrops. Our versatile starlit dance floor gives you the option to either leave the lights on a static setting or alternatively flash and twinkle at the simple press of a button.

The White LED Starlit and Starlight Dancefloor is what everyone is talking about. Finished in a stunning gloss white with hundreds of dazzling star lights this dancefloor really brings style and sophistication to any event from a wedding to corporate launch.
The White LED Dancefloor is so versatile with the option to leave the star lights static or they can flash and twinkle at the press of a button.
The most important thing to us is that for every event we supply a starlit or star light dancefloor to we make sure it is in pristine condition and that you are completely happy.

If you are after a perfect area to dance then you really can’t go wrong with the amazing white starlit dance floor.

Important Details

The table below is a rough guide, as the amount of space that you require depends on the occasion and if all of your friends and family love to dance. The available space in your venue will also influence the size of floor that you require. With the wedding aisle up to 150ft long, the dancefloor measurements are as follows:

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50 People          

10ft x 10ft

60 People

12ft x 12ft

120 People

16ft x 16ft

150 People

18ft x 18ft

180 People

20ft x 20ft

200 People

22ft x 22ft